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Wise sayings about peace!!

Today, let's enjoy some wise sayings about peace :

-1-Peace is the mother that breast-feeds every country.
-2- Preserving peace is harder from making it.
-3-The heart which enjoys peace, sees a wedding in all places.
-4-Peace is not made in the international summits, but in people's hearts and thoughts.
-5- There was no good war or bad peace.
-6- When you find peace in yourself, you become a person of the kind that may live in peace with others.
-7- When the power of love defeats the love of power, the world will witness Peace.
-8- Real and lasting victories are of peace but not of war.
-9-Let's live in peace till we die in peace, because the hardship is not in death but in life.
Written by :  Hicham Oulrhazi. 

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