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Wars affect peace

Destructions, killings, imprisonments, tortures, devastating news, violence,  bloodshed... Those are the major factors that anybody may hear or watch about wars.
The history is a real witness about the calamities of wars aftermath and the deep scars they may leave in the hearts of millions of humans in the worldwide.
The best example if we go back through the years are world wars 1and 2. Millions of people were killed, many businesses were totally affected, dozens of houses and services became like ruins. The world at that time, were as an active, violent volcano...
Generally speaking, Today(present) or yesterday (past), war remains war. We actually should benifit from what happened in the past. Because, as the history indicated that people after world War 1and 2, tried and changed this mindset that is redirected to war. They focused on sports and arts to have hearts and minds forget these worst, gloomy years they lived in terror...

Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi.