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Sports lead to peace of mind!

The more we practice sport, the more we feel healthier, and this golden habit is leading to peace of mind. 
When we talk about sport in our actual life, there are plenty of clubs that we are able to adhere and join them. However, not many people share the same idea?? I mean, the total number of individuals who perform sport is somehow limited. The reason why, illnesses are increasing tragically in so many parts of the globe. 
This love to practice sport should be encouraged among any society so as to convey the lesson that could be taught through this Arabian proverb : " The sane mind is in the sane body, and the sane body is in the preserved environment". 
Our ancestors in the past, were not only playing sport, but the latter was an indispensable part of their life indirectly . Their traveling was a great sport activity. Their daily activities were full of action. They bring water from a well, they get timber from forest, they go hunting in huge landscapes, they harvest by using only hands.... 
So many daily actions that resulted to fruitful assets which gave them more best health conditions. Not only do our parents tell us about our ancestors, but we also knew that thanks to books and many old documentaries... 
Frankly speaking, "Life is sport and sport is life". 

Written by :  Hicham Oulrhazi.

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