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Pigeons, a symbol of Peace!

If you contemplate and watch pigeons closely, you will notice how much they would attract you especially by their shape, their walking, their flying, their jumping...
Moreover, their varied, attractive colours and peaceful appearance are real qualities to take into consideration.
I personally think that all of these factors lead those kinds of birds to be considered as the leading symbols of peace through the years even back in history. In addition to this, all peace lovers are really very attracted and very hooked whenever they see pigeons, I am sincerely one of them.
The reason why, I wanted to tackle this beautiful topic hoping it will enjoy every reader of it.
Several people from the worldwide, that you may watch them keeping pigeons as pets. But something that should surprise you when you think it over, is that these birds have a special way of living.  It is the fact that they always live altogether, in other way, you may keep them as pets but not alone. They are obviously social kind of pets to keep and look after. They live like ants somehow....
You know, in my life experience, I had never seen any Pigeon kept alone in a cage or with another company!! Hadn't you ? If you had, then be sure that it is a special mystery that would have some specific explanations!!
Pigeons, among birds are really blessed types thanks to that great love we as humans do share with them at the extent that they become the famous symbols of peace now and in the past.
And you as a reader, what about you, do you love pigeons? 
If you want, you may tell me your point of view as a comment that you can add in this page of mine. Thanks for your contribution in advance. Looking forward to get your opinion. 

Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi.

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