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Islam is a real peace!

If anyone in the worldwide contemplates in the word islam into Arabic(الاسلام) absolutely finds that it contains the word (سلام) and this word surely means peace. 
All of this indicates that Islam is a peaceful religion which encourages peace spreading in the globe. 
That's why, whatever happens of misunderstanding or violence against it, we must know that it is really worked and arranged by its hidden enemies who struggle and fight day and night. For solely one reason that is the failure of Islam. But those people don't know that Allah subhanah knew of their sly plans, and talked even about them and their plans against Islam in the holy coran... However, among non-Muslims, you may find people who are in good treaty with Muslims. Allah has also talked about them in the coran... 
Meanwhile, there is a Third kind of people who don't know anything about Islam except its name. More of them treat you in a good way. 
We as Muslims in the worldwide, should try to convey the true peaceful message of our sacred religion. We should debunk anything that shows Islam in a bad image. Especially this image of violence and terrorism that the enemies of Islam had worked harder by so many tricky ways and means, to convince those individuals who do not really understand Islam fully. This is the real mission of any sincere, pious Muslim. It is the trying by the whole Muslims in the worldwide to debunk any bad image intended to touch Islam and Muslims... So, react to this fact... 

Written by :  Hicham Oulrhazi. 
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