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Children, peace's future !

As we all know, children are men of tomorrow. Because, they will grow oneday and play their roles in different fields that we absolutely rule actually. I mean, economically, politically and sociologically... 
Let's tackle the issue of peace political success. It is really a prominent topic that must be taught to children as a generation of tomorrow. 
This fruitful plan should be taken into consideration for our children's own future sake. As a matter of fact, the politics policy that lead to conflicts, unrest, war, etc....always occurs due to lack of peace mindset spreading among generations in the past. 
I personally think that Peace spreading in the globe is a set of culture that must be taught as an aim to lead an international, political peace success that is potential and felt coming ahead. 
For our nations' future settlement, we all need to build this significant infrastructure that our children should be the first target for a best tomorrow. Of course, this project is huge and needs more tactics to be done, but anything in this life is reached if we strengthen our willpower and ambition. 
Nothing could stop peace to master the world when this peace project is taken more seriously by the coming generations. 

Written by:  Hicham Oulrhazi.