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The Importance of reading and education.

In the first verse of the coran,  Allah the Almighty ordered us to learn and study as he said to his prophete Mohammed (PBUH)  "Read".  This order shows the significant role that plays reading in our life.  It enriches our minds and helps us break every chain of ignorance and ulterior motive.
We really can notice that all leading countries that reached the apex of development in different fields, did so by focusing first on enhancing the services and functions of their education ministries. By resolving all of the problems and the conflicts that block those ministries.  What's more is that they take many procedures and reforms to ensure education promotion.
The first point is that every citizen should love education and devote one 's time to change one' s life for a better tomorrow through respecting education and science.  Moreover,  children are the mostly targeted to guarantee a fruitful,  successful generation coming ahead. These individuals are going to be men of tomorrow.  If they like education, they definitely take a good departure towards success and prosperity.
When we flashback and return back through the years.  Deep in the past,  when the Arabs' nations were the leaders of the world. We sincerely feel very proud of them by all these fulfillments they accomplished thanks to their great respect and love of education,  science and books'readings in different fields.  These facts led to the apex of development and success in their life at the extent that the west had recourse to them more than once so as to search for science and education.  In this way,  they translated more of Arab's books into their languages in order that they would benefit from their experiences and civilization.
However, nowadays,  the west made a tremendous victory in more aspects of education. They made a sophisticated technology as a tangible gift due to their respect to the norms of education and science. In contrast to Arabs of today who still suffer from a lagging behind simply because of more carelessness towards education and science.  This carelessness must be dealt with to wake up from that long,  deep sleep of millions of minds.

Written by : Hicham OULRHAZI. 

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