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The clear message of peace

ALLAH the Almighty said in the holy coran that we human kind was created as male and female and made like populations and tribes so as we will know each other,  and that the good among us for Allah are the pious among us.

You know,  Allah's message here is really clear that we as people living on the earth, should know each other to exchange culture and benifits.  Because this is an important reason behind our existence regardless of our religions, colors, background/origin, lifestyle and so on.... 
That's why, peace is an interesting factor to make this idea fruitful and reached.  So,  Allah hinted at this golden project so many times in the whole of his sacred books in order to attract our attention to this and have us follow that straight pathway avoiding any form of violence, unrest.... 

However, human beings,  didn't understand this message fully and explicitly. It is obvious for the fact that war invaded nearly the whole world. The non-stop creation of weapons of massive destruction, the increasing political unrest, the huge amount of killings and bloodshed that are everywhere we go in the earth, the ongoing refugees' immigration.... 
In this regard, mankind should have recourse to religion and spirituality.  Allah knew about this fact even before our creation.  He the All-knowing knew that there will be chaos on our existence.  That's why he revealed his holy Books on his chosen prophets,  so as to make the message of peace clear to anybody who contemplates and uses his/her mind properly. In this way,  after people in the world interact,  respecting each other's belief,  religion and way of life... We would then have a world sane.  Living in peace and harmony. 

What do you think? Do I dream uselessly? Or is worth thinking to hope that one day this is going to be fulfilled.

Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi. 

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