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Peace Wheel

Would you imagine a world free from wars, violence, killings, unrest...? 
Yes, of course all the populations in the world can fulfill this golden aim. Moreover, the world never needs a genius or some genius men to resolve all these actual worldly troubles!!  Believe me if I say that the only resolution to this is simply peace.  Especially peace invasion and practice by approximately all individuals in the whole globe.  
This is my real dream.  That the countries' governments of the world will lead a peace,  political achievement by focusing on this issue that really matters. Regardless of the obvious political unrest, the door of peace is always there when we have recourse to it as an enriching source of warmth, settlement and comfort. 
Never do war and violence lead to anything wise. Because wisdom is sincerely very inocent from these Two catastrophes as the innocence of the wolf from Josef's(peace be upon him) blood.  Ok, let's shed some light on this point of view. 
It is explicit that the whole existing religions never favor war and violence. They all ask you to act peace,  talk peace, invade peace, help peace... 
Except in some cases,  such as self-defense, right - defense,  honor -defense and so on...but Allah/God is very clear to restrict these rights to show the importance of acting peacefully and the prominent role that peace takes in our life. 
Something more,  is that violence and war are never thought to be strong factors when one's personality is concerned. It is due to the fact that strength is when we believe in ourselves greatly,  when we are able to forgive esp. in moments of anger and nervousness... When we are able and act to change some bad habits we notice in our daily life. 
To sum up,  I must be concise to advise anybody reading my blogs: please,  in the name of Allah/God,  try to lead a life full of peace as much as you are able to.  Never think that violence always gives.  On the contrary,  it takes more and more than it gives. 

Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi. 

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