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Mass media influence on peace spreading

Watching the news becomes as a daily necessary habit in the life of several people, at the extent that world channels are increasing more and more than before.In this way,  we should take advantage of this fact.  I mean we should try to use plenty of channels to spread peace which is going to be instilled in minds of a wide range of people. Mass media with all its kinds : TV news, radio, magazines, internet, newspapers,  etc... are definitely able to spread any form of messages that we aim to convey. They are powerful sources to rely on. No wonder if someone asks the question of : why do more interesting topics such as peace are tackled just in some yearly occasions?  Knowing that they should be taken into consideration daily if I don't exaggerate. Plus, the news that we watch, read or listen to are always about the same scenario : war, violence, bloodshed, ethnic cleansing and the like... I think that mass media responsibles must change their plans of work including their strategy. Instead of showing so many violence acts,  they should present a great deal of peace news and peace programs. I mean mass media responsibles are responsible to make peace programs outnumber violence news.  As we know that the more we mention something, the more it spreads and the more it influences on our minds... In this regard, let's make peace the most important part of our life.                                      
Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi