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What is Peace Reaction?

As we all know that nowadays peace is becoming more and more scarce to find. I dedicate this first article in this blog of mine to everyone in the world who is thinking peace, breathing peace, looking for peace, living for peace.... For those people I say thank you for what you do towards this golden think "PEACE".

I create this blog for you all in the world,  no matter your culture is,  your language is, your colour is,  your background is, your religion is,  your mentality is.... All of you are welcome to share your views and contribute to the success of this little promising blog which I hope it prevails and become a famous,  large website so as to fulfill my dream about worldwide peace accomplishments.

I called my blog "Peace Reaction" simply because I want to know different opinions of the majority of people in the whole world about their real reaction to peace and what anybody of you did, do,  and will do to make peace prevail after all....
Of course after all this damage and chaos that we watch through various means of mass media.  Wars, killings, divorces, political conflicts, refugees immigration... and so on... All of these drawbacks lead to a lack of peace of mind and settlement in more parts of the globe.

Peace Reaction is a website that targets people in the whole world to guess their general views about peace as a necessary element in our life.  Plus, the fact that I want to contribute by my endeavors to have peace spread more parts of the globe as much as I am able to. 

Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi.

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