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Brothers and sisters, happy Ramadan - رمضان مبارك

As the holy month in my religion Islam is very
near,the month of Ramadan. I write this blog to congratulate all of my Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide hoping that Allah subhanah, the Almighty will have all of us fast it in the best way.  Meanwhile, I really hope the best for our brothers and sisters Palestinians and entreat Allah subhanah to have them prevail against their killers (Enemies of Islam) . Those who kill their sons and daughters, their land and holy belongings.....
In this way,  I ask anyone in the world who gets my point - to help our brothers and sisters Palestinians get their right for peace and settlement -  to convey this message so that governments in the worldwide will make a great stand and move towards a real, serious action. This action that may make a change which we all as Muslims were waiting for a long time ago....
The Palestinian issue, really lasted for long and represented in my point of view, the most complicated, unsolved conflict in the globe up to n…
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Children, peace's future !

As we all know, children are men of tomorrow. Because, they will grow oneday and play their roles in different fields that we absolutely rule actually. I mean, economically, politically and sociologically...  Let's tackle the issue of peace political success. It is really a prominent topic that must be taught to children as a generation of tomorrow.  This fruitful plan should be taken into consideration for our children's own future sake. As a matter of fact, the politics policy that lead to conflicts, unrest, war, etc....always occurs due to lack of peace mindset spreading among generations in the past.  I personally think that Peace spreading in the globe is a set of culture that must be taught as an aim to lead an international, political peace success that is potential and felt coming ahead.  For our nations' future settlement, we all need to build this significant infrastructure that our children should be the first target for a best tomorrow. Of course, this project…

Islam is a real peace!

If anyone in the worldwide contemplates in the word islam into Arabic(الاسلام) absolutely finds that it contains the word (سلام) and this word surely means peace.  All of this indicates that Islam is a peaceful religion which encourages peace spreading in the globe.  That's why, whatever happens of misunderstanding or violence against it, we must know that it is really worked and arranged by its hidden enemies who struggle and fight day and night. For solely one reason that is the failure of Islam. But those people don't know that Allah subhanah knew of their sly plans, and talked even about them and their plans against Islam in the holy coran... However, among non-Muslims, you may find people who are in good treaty with Muslims. Allah has also talked about them in the coran...  Meanwhile, there is a Third kind of people who don't know anything about Islam except its name. More of them treat you in a good way.  We as Muslims in the worldwide, should try to convey the true peac…

Sports lead to peace of mind!

The more we practice sport, the more we feel healthier, and this golden habit is leading to peace of mind.  When we talk about sport in our actual life, there are plenty of clubs that we are able to adhere and join them. However, not many people share the same idea?? I mean, the total number of individuals who perform sport is somehow limited. The reason why, illnesses are increasing tragically in so many parts of the globe.  This love to practice sport should be encouraged among any society so as to convey the lesson that could be taught through this Arabian proverb : " The sane mind is in the sane body, and the sane body is in the preserved environment".  Our ancestors in the past, were not only playing sport, but the latter was an indispensable part of their life indirectly . Their traveling was a great sport activity. Their daily activities were full of action. They bring water from a well, they get timber from forest, they go hunting in huge landscapes, they harvest by usi…

Wars affect peace

Destructions, killings, imprisonments, tortures, devastating news, violence,  bloodshed... Those are the major factors that anybody may hear or watch about wars. The history is a real witness about the calamities of wars aftermath and the deep scars they may leave in the hearts of millions of humans in the worldwide. The best example if we go back through the years are world wars 1and 2. Millions of people were killed, many businesses were totally affected, dozens of houses and services became like ruins. The world at that time, were as an active, violent volcano... Generally speaking, Today(present) or yesterday (past), war remains war. We actually should benifit from what happened in the past. Because, as the history indicated that people after world War 1and 2, tried and changed this mindset that is redirected to war. They focused on sports and arts to have hearts and minds forget these worst, gloomy years they lived in terror...
Written by : Hicham Oulrhazi.

Wise sayings about peace!!

Today, let's enjoy some wise sayings about peace :

-1-Peace is the mother that breast-feeds every country.
-2- Preserving peace is harder from making it.
-3-The heart which enjoys peace, sees a wedding in all places.
-4-Peace is not made in the international summits, but in people's hearts and thoughts.
-5- There was no good war or bad peace.
-6- When you find peace in yourself, you become a person of the kind that may live in peace with others.
-7- When the power of love defeats the love of power, the world will witness Peace.
-8- Real and lasting victories are of peace but not of war.
-9-Let's live in peace till we die in peace, because the hardship is not in death but in life.
Written by :  Hicham Oulrhazi. 

PS: You may browse my website about cultural exchange on Proverbs :

Pigeons, a symbol of Peace!

If you contemplate and watch pigeons closely, you will notice how much they would attract you especially by their shape, their walking, their flying, their jumping...
Moreover, their varied, attractive colours and peaceful appearance are real qualities to take into consideration.
I personally think that all of these factors lead those kinds of birds to be considered as the leading symbols of peace through the years even back in history. In addition to this, all peace lovers are really very attracted and very hooked whenever they see pigeons, I am sincerely one of them.
The reason why, I wanted to tackle this beautiful topic hoping it will enjoy every reader of it.
Several people from the worldwide, that you may watch them keeping pigeons as pets. But something that should surprise you when you think it over, is that these birds have a special way of living.  It is the fact that they always live altogether, in other way, you may keep them as pets but not alone. They are obviously social ki…

The Importance of reading and education.

In the first verse of the coran,  Allah the Almighty ordered us to learn and study as he said to his prophete Mohammed (PBUH)  "Read".  This order shows the significant role that plays reading in our life.  It enriches our minds and helps us break every chain of ignorance and ulterior motive.
We really can notice that all leading countries that reached the apex of development in different fields, did so by focusing first on enhancing the services and functions of their education ministries. By resolving all of the problems and the conflicts that block those ministries.  What's more is that they take many procedures and reforms to ensure education promotion.
The first point is that every citizen should love education and devote one 's time to change one' s life for a better tomorrow through respecting education and science.  Moreover,  children are the mostly targeted to guarantee a fruitful,  successful generation coming ahead. These individuals are going to be men…

Refugees long for peace !

Refugees life is the one known by its high degree of suffering.  The first point is that these individuals are uprooted from their homes. The latter represent a real haven for safety  and integration that anybody in the world would need for a life of dignity.

Refugees may be subject to ill-treatment because of their weaker position or situation. Not only do they undergo terrible hardship, but they also could be abused when it comes to their liberty and general rights.
According to Human Rights Articles :3 and 5: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.  No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."
Today with all these destructive, devastating wars, there are so many refugees who feel bewildered, puzzled,perplexed to understand why governments concerned didn't work in the best way to abolish their ongoing sorrows that follow them in their gloomy way ahead.  May be traveling through sea which could en…

Mass media influence on peace spreading

Watching the news becomes as a daily necessary habit in the life of several people, at the extent that world channels are increasing more and more than before.In this way,  we should take advantage of this fact.  I mean we should try to use plenty of channels to spread peace which is going to be instilled in minds of a wide range of people. Mass media with all its kinds : TV news, radio, magazines, internet, newspapers,  etc... are definitely able to spread any form of messages that we aim to convey. They are powerful sources to rely on. No wonder if someone asks the question of : why do more interesting topics such as peace are tackled just in some yearly occasions?  Knowing that they should be taken into consideration daily if I don't exaggerate. Plus, the news that we watch, read or listen to are always about the same scenario : war, violence, bloodshed, ethnic cleansing and the like... I think that mass media responsibles must change their plans of work including their strateg…

The clear message of peace

ALLAH the Almighty said in the holy coran that we human kind was created as male and female and made like populations and tribes so as we will know each other,  and that the good among us for Allah are the pious among us.

You know,  Allah's message here is really clear that we as people living on the earth, should know each other to exchange culture and benifits.  Because this is an important reason behind our existence regardless of our religions, colors, background/origin, lifestyle and so on....  That's why, peace is an interesting factor to make this idea fruitful and reached.  So,  Allah hinted at this golden project so many times in the whole of his sacred books in order to attract our attention to this and have us follow that straight pathway avoiding any form of violence, unrest.... 
However, human beings,  didn't understand this message fully and explicitly. It is obvious for the fact that war invaded nearly the whole world. The non-stop creation of weapons of massiv…

Peace Wheel

Would you imagine a world free from wars, violence, killings, unrest...? 
Yes, of course all the populations in the world can fulfill this golden aim. Moreover, the world never needs a genius or some genius men to resolve all these actual worldly troubles!!  Believe me if I say that the only resolution to this is simply peace.  Especially peace invasion and practice by approximately all individuals in the whole globe.   This is my real dream.  That the countries' governments of the world will lead a peace,  political achievement by focusing on this issue that really matters. Regardless of the obvious political unrest, the door of peace is always there when we have recourse to it as an enriching source of warmth, settlement and comfort.  Never do war and violence lead to anything wise. Because wisdom is sincerely very inocent from these Two catastrophes as the innocence of the wolf from Josef's(peace be upon him) blood.  Ok, let's shed some light on this point of view.  It is e…

What is Peace Reaction?

As we all know that nowadays peace is becoming more and more scarce to find. I dedicate this first article in this blog of mine to everyone in the world who is thinking peace, breathing peace, looking for peace, living for peace.... For those people I say thank you for what you do towards this golden think "PEACE".

I create this blog for you all in the world,  no matter your culture is,  your language is, your colour is,  your background is, your religion is,  your mentality is.... All of you are welcome to share your views and contribute to the success of this little promising blog which I hope it prevails and become a famous,  large website so as to fulfill my dream about worldwide peace accomplishments.

I called my blog "Peace Reaction" simply because I want to know different opinions of the majority of people in the whole world about their real reaction to peace and what anybody of you did, do,  and will do to make peace prevail after all....
Of course after all t…