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Brothers and sisters, happy Ramadan - رمضان مبارك

As the holy month in my religion Islam is very
near,the month of Ramadan. I write this blog to congratulate all of my Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide hoping that Allah subhanah, the Almighty will have all of us fast it in the best way.  Meanwhile, I really hope the best for our brothers and sisters Palestinians and entreat Allah subhanah to have them prevail against their killers (Enemies of Islam) . Those who kill their sons and daughters, their land and holy belongings.....
In this way,  I ask anyone in the world who gets my point - to help our brothers and sisters Palestinians get their right for peace and settlement -  to convey this message so that governments in the worldwide will make a great stand and move towards a real, serious action. This action that may make a change which we all as Muslims were waiting for a long time ago....
The Palestinian issue, really lasted for long and represented in my point of view, the most complicated, unsolved conflict in the globe up to now...
Whatever happens, I personally think that there is no real Muslim man or woman who favors Jews to get the Al Qods as their capital....
We profoundly believe and are sure that this holy land is Palestinian without any glimmer doubt. But we are perplexed for the fact that there are no right, firm actions taken to help Palestinians restore their stolen, holy land.
So,  I ask Muslim people all over the world to supplicate for Palestinians our brothers and sisters in Islam to restore their legal right that the history witnesses about it.

Written by :  Hicham OULRHAZI.


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